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Keep up to date with the latest documents from Go Fan Yourself. Included in the links below are WTF and specification sheets, brochures, help with plotting fans, and installation guides.

We will continue to update this section with super cool new documents, updates to current documents and exciting news so check back often!


When you read what our customers have to say about us, you will understand why they are our biggest fans!

“Thanks to you and your team for the great work on our fan project. We couldn’t be happier with the performance of the Z-Tech fans! They blow a ton of air and look great – we are receiving a ton of compliments! The fans will definitely make these Texas summers a lot more comfortable!”

Jose Hernandez, Plant Manager, Metals USA

“The fans are in and we have some very happy employees out on the floor now. I want to thank you everyone at GFY for their fast and excellent customer service. Your installers were both very courteous and very professional in their installation duties. Thank you again for your help and quick service with getting the fans up and running so soon!”

Tom Lingenfelter, Director of Engineering/QA , Allegro Industries

“Your fans are super kick ass and look great in our new building! I have never seen anything like them, with the custom Xcel logo and colors.”

Todd Goldbeck, Owner & President , Xcel Sports Complex

“Just wanted to let you know the fans are up and running! Everything went great, the install was just about as easy as I’ve seen, and I have seen a lot being in the aviation field! They outperform your competitors fan we currently have installed by a long shot and at a slower speed. It was great working with your team everyone was super helpful. And thanks for the shirts. You have a great product be proud of it!”

“Medline has used other big fan manufacturers over the years. We have evaluated those fans next to Go Fan Yourself fans and have determined that GFY fans are the best choice for Medline. The overall performance of the GFY fans has helped to make our facility more comfortable year round. The people working in the areas where the different fans are installed all prefer GFY fans over the competitor’s big fans.”

Robert Paull, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Medline

“We installed seven (7) 24’ large diameter fans from Go Fan Yourself, which solved the floor condensation issue and produced a more pleasant working environment for our associates by de-stratifying and mixing the air throughout the high-ceilinged warehouse. An extra bonus from these fans is the anticipated energy cost savings throughout the heating season from this air mixing. The professionalism of the installation team was outstanding.”

Dan Smith, Director of Operations, Kenco

“Today, I met with my management team. Before I could even ask, they started to rave about the new GFY fan. They said it is like air conditioning and they like it better than the other HVLS fans they have. I also asked some of the associates and they said now they want to work in that area.”

Brad Thomas, Manager, Facilities & Security

We have done a number of fan projects with Go Fan Yourself and they are one of best vendors we have worked with. We are currently installing eight (8) 24’ fans in our Alsip, IL facility. If you would like to take a tour, please let Bill [at GFY] know. I know you have options on high-volume, low-speed fan companies, but using Go Fan Yourself will be one of your best decisions.”

Ken Hagaman, Director of Real Estate

I have to say that coming from a Las Vegas industry running a night club where service is above all, I find myself always comparing the service I get whether its getting my car washed or having new equipment installed in my office and without fail two out three will ruin the experience because of bad service, lack of detail and or poor communication. Your company by far have exceeded my expectations. From the first phone conversation we had to start this project all the way up to the completion of the installation, I am very impressed!

Kyle, [ installer ] was great at explaining and the quality of work shows. I know for a fact that I will be ordering two more units next fiscal year and I will recommend your system over everyone. Anyway, thank you for all the help that your team have provided and thank you for an awesome service. I am a fan for sure and so is the rest of my team.

A fan for sure!

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Jezreel Caburian, Plant Administrator

Just want to let you know that we were able to install the 3 fans last week. There is a lot of excitement from our production team – and its truly a project that everyone can agree it was a good idea. Which is very uncommon. And – everyone loves the name.

Your installers were some of the best we have had in the facility – they were safe, extremely independent and worked well with the production team.

I am excited to see the performance of the fans during the high summer months – but you can already tell that the air quality has improved in the facility.

Dan Muth, Manufacturing Systems Manager, Leer Inc.