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Z-Chill™ is the result of better science combined with two proven technologies, The Z-Tech™ fan and HVAC!

  • Go Fan Yourself® has fully partnered with ABB to build the only HVLD fan/HVAC supercharged system/heating element in the world.
    • The ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive is a significant leap forward in large fan power plants
    • Fluid Dynamics is better fan science! It’s why we work better in both directions!
    • Patented diffuser perfectly distributes controlled air over the top of the Z-Tech™ fan blades
    • Run forward for supercharged HVAC performance by adding the industry leading wind speed of Z-Tech™ to the cooling power of HVAC systems.
    • Run reverse for heat! Since 2000 most HVAC units come standard with a heat pump. Need heat? Z-Chill™ can do that too!

Industry leading safety!

  • Z-Tech™ SS
    • (2) Custom straps, each rated for 16,000 lbs protect your Go Fan Yourself® Fans
    • The competitions (1) or (2) unseemly steel cables don’t offer nearly that level of protection

All that famous Z-Tech™ performance supercharging the cooling power of HVAC or bringing heat to unheated areas!

  • (5) standard sizes: 24ft, 22ft, 20ft, 18ft, 16ft
    • Cover your facility better with fewer fans from GFY®
    • ATPM – GFY® Z-Technology creates more Air Turnovers Per Minute than every other big fan out there
    • LMBS – Ask how Live Motion Breathing Science can work in your facility!


  • The dual Z-Chill™ diffusers are specifically designed to equally distribute both tempered and conditioned air into the designed air distribution patterns of the Z-Tech™ (16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 FT) fans.
  • Dual Z-Chill™ diffusers are constructed of cold rolled steel and protected with powder coated paint.
  • Incorporated Z-Chill™ internal prisms equally split the incoming conditioned air.
  • The adjustable stepped Z-Chill™ vented louvers with Z-Technology are designed to equally distribute the air across the top of the Z-Tech™ fan.
  • Features bottom perforations designed to equally disperse air. This eliminates any dead zone beneath the center of the system.
  • The dual Z-Chill™ diffusers feature a closed cell thermal insulation design to prevent/minimize condensation on the outside of the unit.
  • Utilize existing rooftop A/C units or new OEM split system air-conditioning units. Upgrade to high static blowers for best results.


There are many benefits to installing a GFY® Z-Chill™ industrial fan:

  • Provides tempered air and reduces relative humidity in the covered areas
  • Brings economical heat to unheated areas
  • Delivers enhanced evaporative cooling effect of air movement with cool and conditioned air
  • Reduces humidity and condensation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Cost-effective operating expense
  • Open platform solution for HVAC & Mechanical contractors
  • Ease of installation for both existing rooftop and OEM split system air-conditioning units
  • Order equipped for easy link to building management systems
  • Ethernet control available with additional module
  • 15 year pro-rated warranty on motor and controller.  Get the details.  Our warranty is as unique as our fan!

An uncomfortable work atmosphere leads to low employee morale and lowered production rates.

  • According to a study conducted by a professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, for every degree rise in temperature above 76˚F, productivity drops by as much as 2%
  • At 90˚F, your productivity goes down up to 26%

According to the Center for American Progress, the cost to replace an employee is almost 1/5th of the workers salary. High turnover can be extremely detrimental to a company’s bottom line.

Indoor air quality and comfort are critical components of a healthy and productive work environment, and they can be significantly improved through the installation of a Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser System saving you money!

As the temperature/humidity index rises, heat-related injuries can occur. According to OSHA, expensive heat-related disorders that can affect your workers are:

  • Heat Stress
  • Heat Cramps
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Heat Stroke

Spot cooling/heating is the 21st century answer to a healthier, more comfortable workspace.

  • Runs up to 25 fans from a single location
  • Deepest heat sink in the industry extends the life of drive and controller
  • IP66 wet-rated – NEMA 4X
  • Install up to 200 ft. from fan (most others only 170 ft.); disconnect per NECA code within eyesight
  • Highly customizable programming
  • Wall mount keypad options provide ultimate user flexibility
  • Ethernet compatible with optional module
  • Order to link to building automation systems easily

At Go Fan Yourself®, your safety is paramount. The Z-Chill™ fan features the following safety components:

  • Z-Tech™ SS safety system. (2) custom straps with a break strength of 16,000lbs per strap easily exceeds the (1) or (2) steel cable offerings of our competitors which have a break strength near 10,000lbs per cable.
  • Safety ring: ¼” powder coated steel
  • Blade stabilizer plates: 1/4″ powder coated steel

GFY® Z-Chill™ Fan and Diffuser System meet all applicable OSHA, ASHRAE and UL regulations.