If you have been seeking alternate cooling options to reduce your cooling bills, consider the TAZ fan. Just one Go Fan Yourself® 7-foot TAZ adjustable industrial fan can replace four large single-speed, panel-aisle fans, or up to eight 36-inch basket fans — while using only half the power. Adjustable louvers direct air where you need it most. A corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing and maintenance-free motor ensure a long life. When running on high speed, this fan covers up to 5,000 square feet and can move 80,000 CFM!

In addition to replacing existing fans, TAZ fans also offer a more energy-efficient alternative to expensive air conditioning units. Unlike air conditioning, they effectively distribute air to eliminate stagnant air pockets and stratification. The result is fresher, cooler air delivery without overtaxing your cooling budget.


  • Manufacturing Facilities. The TAZ adjustable industrial fan can be mounted on the ceiling or vertically to suit the available space. TAZ is ideal for manufacturing facilities that have power drops or obstructions in the ceiling that cannot fit a large high-volume, low-speed fan.
  • Animal Barns. Reduce humidity and odor in your barn or other agricultural facility. TAZ fans ensure fresh, healthy air while also keeping insects away and providing a cool breeze for the animals that call the barn home.
  • Warehouses. TAZ fans can effectively distribute air throughout your high-rack aisles without disturbing product. They provide cool, welcome heat relief for your forklift drivers, too!
  • Stadiums. Ventilation is a must to prevent excessive humidity and odor build-up in large gathering areas and public spaces. The TAZ adjustable aisle fan is ideal for stadiums because it is large enough to provide effective cooling for large spaces, yet small enough not to overwhelm the area

What Industries Benefit From TAZ Fans?

  • Recreation. Where crowds of people gather, good ventilation is a must. TAZ fans move large volumes of air at a time to combat stale odors and high humidity. They are an efficient and cost-effective way to keep the air in your recreational facility fresh, comfortable and properly distributed.
  • Government. Federal, state, and municipal governments are all here to serve the people — and keeping taxpayer costs to a minimum is a big part of that. From public libraries to government warehouses and garages, energy-efficient industrial fan installations can help government-owned properties keep their building operations costs within budget, without sacrificing comfort.
  • Transportation. TAZ fans provide an effective way for auto dealerships, bus depots, airplane hangars and other transportation facilities to regulate temperature and keep fumes to a minimum without disturbing occupants with loud noise or overly strong breezes.
  • Commercial sector. Want your customers to shop longer and spend more? Make sure they’re comfortable. A TAZ adjustable aisle fan is an easy way to solve temperature distribution and ventilation issues, to make your retail store, mall or other commercial facility a place your customers look forward to visiting.

Air Movement and Efficiency Benefits

  • 80,000 CFM at high speed including entrained air and 36 CFM/watt
  • Motor is 2.2 kw on high and 0.3 kw on low 230/460 VAC
  • Throws air 100 ft. on both sides for total floor coverage of 200 ft. x 25 ft.
  • Each TAZ fan is outfitted with an ESFR-compliant variable frequency drive allowing for maximum versatility during year-round operation (detailed ESFR wiring instructions are provided in the installation guide for each fan)
  • Perfect for industrial buildings, as warehouse fans can cover over 200 ft. x 40 ft. and can create an air curtain effect over large doors
  • Balanced 6-ft. corrosion-resistant, 6-paddle aluminum blade
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 40%
  • Light; weighs only 374.79 lbs. fully assembled
  • Mounting options: steel post, building column or suspended from the ceiling
  • Ideal for high-rack aisles
  • 3-year warranty

State-of-the-Art ABB Controller

  • Runs up to 25 fans from a single location
  • Deepest heat sink in the industry extends life of drive and controller
  • IP66/67 wet-rated – NEMA 4X
  • Install up to 300 ft. from fan (most others only 170 ft.); disconnect per NECA code within eyesight
  • Highly customizable programming
  • Removable pad prevents unwanted programming changes
  • Ethernet compatible
  • Capable of linking to building automation systems


At Go Fan Yourself®, safety is paramount. The TAZ Fan is designed with a robust fiberglass housing that prevents suspended apparatuses near the unit from interfering with fan operation. Mounting cables are high-tension steel aircraft cable rated for four times the fan’s mounted weight.


The GFY® TAZ Fan meets all applicable OSHA and ASHRAE regulations.

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“Medline has used other big fan manufacturers over the years. We have evaluated those fans next to Go Fan Yourself fans and have determined that GFY fans are the best choice for Medline. The overall performance of the GFY fans has helped to make our facility more comfortable year round. The people working in the areas where the different fans are installed all prefer GFY fans over the competitor’s big fans.”

Robert Paull, Operations & Maintenance Manager

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