Once you’ve experienced our revolutionary ReCircuLite™, which combines a led light source and recirculation fans, you’ll never again buy an LED light without a fan! After all, you wouldn’t buy a water faucet without both hot and cold water dispensers, would you?

What is Recirculite™?

This product is a combination LED light fixture and recirculation fans all in one. Is your room stuffy? Don’t sweat it — the ReCircuLite™ is designed to make even oppressive rooms more comfortable, while providing a reliable, quality light source. ReCircuLite™ is a room circulation fan with a high quality led light source that's ideal for improving airflow without requiring a separate fan.

Who Can Benefit From Recirculite™

ReCircuLite™ is designed to not only provide a high quality led lighting source but provide air circulation that any building with a drop ceiling can benefit from. Buildings with drop ceilings such as offices and many retail spaces are prone to have stagnant air and poor ventilation. These types of spaces often benefit from a high quality light source making ReCircuLite™ the perfect solution being this revolutionary product is essentially a recirculation fan with a high quality led light source.

  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Class Rooms
  • Any building with a drop ceiling

Air Movement and Efficiency Benefits

  • A recirculation fan helps reduce the hot and cold spots within offices, retail spaces and anywhere you have a drop ceiling
  • Improves poor airflow and ventilation that contribute to “sick building syndrome”
  • Helps to reduce the condensation/moisture that can produce mold
  • Does not require connection to any existing HVAC system
  • Uses the same power supply and is the same size as existing troffer lighting
  • Provides a high-quality LED lighting solution
  • Extends the life of LED components through innovative thermal management characteristics

High-quality Variable-Speed Axial Fans

  • Five, 4" fans per lighting fixture
  • Airflow: 750 CFM at 5400 RPM
  • Long lasting: 100,000-hour life at 35 C
  • Quiet operation: 30 +/- dB

High-Quality Fully Dimmable Led Lighting

  • Select 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 fixture
  • Wide range of LED wattage/lumen options to meet your lighting needs

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