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Go Fan Yourself® industrial fans are big! Even our TAZ fans measure almost 7 feet square, and our largest fan diameter spans 24 feet!  They have to be big in order to efficiently move the huge volumes of air required to keep large spaces comfortable.

While our fans are big, they needn’t be a big deal for you to install.  If you need factory support during your installation, you got it.  If you don’t have the equipment, expertise or desire to install your fans properly, relax.  We got you.

In fact, many customers are quite relieved to know we provide industrial fan installation services.  Our fan installation team will help you get your system up and running smoothly, safely and fast!  You might forget we’re there until we’re done and your employees are raving about their new GFY fan!


  • Installation of fan(s) in the agreed upon location
  • Electrical runs
  • Fan system commissioning
  • Quality assurance
  • Basic system instruction on maintaining and operating GFY® fans

Go Fan Yourself® delivers with an in-house, licensed and experienced crew of electricians and large ceiling fan installers. Our installation team will take care to ensure that your products are placed, secured and connected correctly, so they’ll perform as intended for their lifespan. Fan installation is quick, efficient and clean.

Why not take care of those, too? While we’re there, our licensed electricians can help you check off those other electrical projects from your to-do list in addition to installing your GFY® fans.

Of course, our customers have the option of installing their new fans themselves if they have the equipment and expertise available. To help your in-house industrial ceiling fan installation go as smoothly as possible, all Go Fan Yourself® products come with an Installation & Technical Operations Guide that will provide you with all detailed wiring instructions, including ESFR. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact us. We love helping customers and want you to stay calm, collected and (of course) cool while installing your fan.