GFY® For Your Home, Commercial Applications, Light Industrial Work & Best Fan In Its Class

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Simply put, ConZumer™ fans bring all the technological advantages of Go Fan Yourself® into your home and light industrial/commercial applications.  Is ConZumer™  a large fan?  You bet! 12ft in diameter bringing the power to cool and help heat your space like no other fan in the world!

  • ConZumer™ is a kit fan designed specifically for your home to light industrial/commercial applications
  • Factory wired for 120VAC with a 20 amp plug so ConZumer™ plugs in right where you need it
  • ConZumer™ ships with a 1ft Down Tube to space it perfectly from your ceiling to maximize performance in both directions
  • Optional mounting kits are available for Wood Beam or Z-Purlin construction.

Need to heat or cool your space at home?  ConZumer™ fan from Go Fan Yourself® is the ultimate solution!


  • Patented Z-Tech™ blade design with 20˚ plus pitch
  • Cast hub eliminates hardware connections for the safest, most
    solution available.
  • Symmetrical Z-Tech™ blade design allows for true reversibility
    for year-round operation
  • Pitched hub design with same 20˚ plus pitch as blade
  • Blades supported by the full width of the blade unlike airfoil
    designs that support the airfoil with a narrow post.
  • Custom built for GFY® optimizing fan performance
  • Single housing block in which all bearing points are integrated
  • No sealing faces are subjected to torque or lateral forces
  • IP55; UL 1004
  • NEMA 4X; IP66 variable frequency drive
  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) ready
  • ROHS compliant
  • NECA standard built-in LOTO (lock out, tag out) disconnect


There are many benefits to installing the ConZumer™ commercial fan:

  • Increases coverage area up to 30% compared to competitive HVLS
  • No wind-chill created when using ConZumer™ fan in reverse
  • Destratification reduces energy & heating costs, makes area
    more comfortable year-round
  • Pitched hub eliminates air-flow dead zone under the fan
    caused by flat or domed hubs and fully supports the entire width of the blade
  • Motor comes pre-wired. No motor wiring required
  • Controller Line In is factory wired and ships with 10ft cord with
    120VAC 20amp plug
  • Controller Line Out must be wired during installation. See
    manual for details
  • Easy speed control
  • 3 position selector switch for Off, Forward, Reverse operation

At Go Fan Yourself, your safety is paramount.

  • Z-Tech™ SS safety system. A series of (4) custom straps with a break strength of 16,000lbs per strap easily exceeds the (1) or (2) steel cable offerings of our competitors which have a break strength near 10,000lbs per cable
  • Safety ring: 1/4” powder coated steel
  • Blade stabilizer plates: 1/4″ powder coated steel
  • Fan motor ships with 50ft factory installed power cable
  • Fan controller ships with 10ft factory installed power cable with 20amp 120VAC plug
  • Mount controller within 50ft of ConZumer™ fan, route wire from motor to controller, make the connection inside the controller
  • Lock Out Tag Out disconnect provided on the face of the controller
  • No programming required! Ships fully programmed from the factory. Just connect and enjoy your new ConZumer™ fan!
  • Controller is gasketed and rated NEMA 4X and IP66 so it’s protected from dust/dirt and water getting inside
  • Easy operation! Simply select the direction and turn the speed dial to determine fan speed
  • Run ConZumer™ 24/7 during periods of excessive damp weather to help remove condensation and humidity from the air
  • ConZumer™ will help fight rust and corrosion by stirring the air protecting all your important projects!
  • Industrial grade components mean your ConZumer™ fan is ready for 24/7/365 operation.