Warehouse Fans


Clear the Air With Industrial Warehouse Fans

Warehouse ceiling fans have been utilized in the past, but not at this size. Our warehouse fan ranges in size from 8 to 24 feet in diameter and can cover an area up to 240 feet in diameter. GFY® Z-Tech™ Fans:

  • Reduce condensation
  • Circulate air flow from one area to another
  • Cool the area in the summer with up to 30% greater coverage
  • Warm spaces in winter using recommended reverse rotation
  • Decrease airborne pollutants
  • Save money on heating and cooling costs and HVAC equipment repairs
  • Protect your equipment and inventory from humidity

At Go Fan Yourself®, we are experts in warehouse cooling. We know the best ways to increase airflow and reduce humidity and condensation to keep your inventory in good condition and your employees in good health.

Benefits of Large Commercial Fans in Warehouses

As the heat rises, so does the cost of cooling. Air conditioners blow cold air from a single point, but they don’t distribute the cold air throughout the entire space. That’s what our large commercial high-volume, low-speed fans do. Installation of our HVLS fans results in cooler air, lower power bills and an increase in worker comfort.

Some warehouses are not occupied enough to justify air conditioning. What happens here is that the heat can build to dangerous levels for workers. Even without air conditioning, large industrial ceiling fans keep more people cooler in warehouses by creating a fresh breeze and eliminating stagnant air.

Studies show that improved employee comfort results in greater employee productivity by up to 2 percent per degree when interior temperatures are above 77 degrees. Improving your fan system can save you time and money, and prevent unnecessary respiratory problems as well.

Destratify Stagnant Warehouse Air

Destratification, the mixing of indoor air to eliminate stratified layers and achieve temperature equalization, allows for higher temperature set points and a shorter AC cycle in the summer, and lower temperature set points and a shorter heating cycle in the winter. These translate into measurable energy savings. Additional energy savings are achieved by eliminating the smaller, less-efficient fans commonly found in warehouses.

Industries That Benefit From HVLS Warehouse Fans

Breweries. Many small craft breweries are located in old or historic warehouses. These structures provide a charming ambiance, but often present challenges to comfort and energy efficiency. Warehouse fans are perfect for many different brewery spaces. Their ability to move large amounts of air without annoying drafts or noise makes them the ideal solution for keeping tasting room air cool and fresh. In the production area, the fans help keep workers comfortable and reduce moisture buildup from steam sterilizing of bottles and other processes. Beer garden customers, too, appreciate what a big warehouse fan can do on a hot summer night.

Storage Sites and Industrial Warehouse Sites. Storage building temperatures can reach dangerous levels in the summer. Large industrial ceiling fans are the perfect warehouse cooling options to significantly increase air flow and decrease humidity in a storage or warehouse site, while keeping operating costs low.

Food Storage Facilities. Keeping perishable food fresh is an energy-intensive operation. High-volume, low-speed fans can help food storage facilities reduce their energy bills due to their low power consumption.

Garden Supply Centers. Humidity levels can rise to uncomfortable levels where masses of plants are displayed. Garden centers can take advantage of the dehumidifying effect of HVLS fans to help keep employees and customers comfortable and reduce mold growth and plant diseases.

Fitness Centers. Keeping the air fresh and cool is a critical concern of any sports facility, from the martial arts dojo to the high school gym. Our large warehouse fans, with their 25,000-square-foot coverage and up to 10 degree evaporative cooling effect, provide the perfect solution.

Equine Facilities. Riding arenas, racetracks and horse-breeding facilities depend on large warehouse fans’ noiseless operation to keep valuable animals calm and cool.

We do not offer the only warehouse fans for sale on the market, but we can point to many reasons why ours are the best. If you are looking for large industrial ceiling fan solutions that are energy efficient and effective and offer the largest volume coverage on the market, contact us today!

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