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All warehouses need to move the air:

  • Stagnant air pockets can be common place.
  • Natural air stratification causes a host of known problems
    • GFY’s® full partnership with ABB resulted in the ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive, the most advanced fan power plant in the world.
    • Warehouse fans range in size from 8 to 24 feet in diameter.
    • TAZ is your answer for rack aisles!
    • Bring Ray-Air™ into your office spaces and you have a facility wide air movement solution that cannot fail!
  • Reduce condensation for improved safety.
  • Provide air flow to create one degree of temperature separation from floor to ceiling.
  • Greatest evaporative cooling effect over the largest area in the summer with up to 30% greater coverage.
  • Warm spaces in winter using reverse rotation without creating a very uncomfortable wind-chill.
  • Decrease airborne pollutants.
  • Save money on heating and cooling costs and HVAC equipment repairs.
  • Protect your equipment and inventory from humidity.

At Go Fan Yourself®, we are experts in warehouse comfort. From air movement with Z-Tech™ to cooling power with Z-Chill™. We know the best ways to increase airflow and reduce humidity and condensation to keep your inventory in good condition and your employees in good health.


As the temperature rises, so does the cost of cooling. Air conditioners blow cold air from a single point, but they don’t distribute the cold air throughout the entire space. That’s what Z-Tech™ fans do. Installation of our patented HVLD fans results lower humidity, lower power bills and an increase in worker comfort.

Not all operations can justify air conditioning. Without climate control the heat can build to dangerous levels for workers. Z-Tech™ fans produce a massive evaporative cooling effect keeping more people cooler in warehouses by creating a fresh breeze and eliminating stagnant air.

TAZ fans are an excellent choice for rack aisles and other linear spaces.

Studies show that improved employee comfort results in greater employee productivity by up to 2 percent per degree when interior temperatures are above 77˚. Providing a GFY air turnover system will save you time and money, and make you more attractive to your existing employees as well as prospects. Given a choice, who’s going to pick working in a place that’s less comfortable?


Destratification, the mixing of indoor air to eliminate stratified layers and achieve temperature equalization.

Provide healthier air that is easier to breathe while reducing:

  • Humidity and Condensation

  • Temperature Variance (floor to ceiling)

  • Heating Costs


Many small craft breweries are located in old or historic warehouses.  These structures provide a charming ambiance, but often present challenges to comfort and energy efficiency.  GFY® technology is perfect for all the varied brewery spaces.

  • Move massive volumes of air in production.
  • Create the perfect ambiance in the tasting room while providing patrons healthier air that is easier to breathe.
  • Use Ray-Air™ to provide necessary air turnovers in all small spaces.
  • Even outside! Beer garden customers will appreciate what GFY® fans can do on a hot summer night.

Storage building temperatures can reach dangerous levels in the summer. Z-Tech™, Z-Tech3™ & TAZ fans are the perfect warehouse cooling option to significantly increase air flow and decrease humidity in a storage or warehouse site, while keeping operating costs low.

Keeping perishable food fresh is an energy-intensive operation.  Z-Tech™ and Z-Tech3™ fans help food storage facilities reduce their energy bills due to their low power consumption.  They also extend shelf life reducing waste.

Humidity levels can rise to uncomfortable levels where masses of plants are displayed. Garden centers can take advantage of the dehumidifying effect of Z-Tech™ and Z-Tech3™ fans to help keep employees and customers comfortable and reduce mold growth and plant diseases.

Provide the critical, non-disruptive air movement, plants of all kinds prefer.

Nothing beats the TAZ fan from Go Fan Yourself® in rack aisles.

Customers agree!

Go Fan Yourself® is the best warehouse air turnover system on the market!

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