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With thousands of sweaty people crammed into packed bleachers with low airflow, stadiums and arenas are susceptible to hot, stuffy and smelly conditions. This problem is amplified during hot summer months. GFY® fans offer a cost-effective solution that will make every customer a fan of your facility.


Simplicity of Control. GFY® fans have an ABB drive capable of interfacing your building management system (additional hardware and software required at time of order). Put fan operation on the “done” list and let your existing control system handle everything for you!

Why GFY®? Every Z-Tech™ fan is powered by the ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive. An engineered system solution that will give your spectators reason to applaud.

Want more? We provide more! Our Z-Tech™ fan features a pitched hub and patented blade design that creates more thrust and air movement than HVLS fans. This gives GFY up to 30% more coverage per fan than the best HVLS fans on the market.

Need spot cooling in your stadium and/or an energy-saving solution to keep spectators cool on the hottest days? Check out our patented Z-Chill™ fan and diffuser system for a tempered cooling solution that won’t break the bank.


GFY® fans are an efficient and effective way to provide the critical air movement required to keep your crowds comfortable. Our big high-volume, large-diameter (HVLD) fans are perfect for stadiums and arenas. Control them with your building management system so fan performance can adapt as the need in the space changes, automatically!

Your spectators will appreciate the benefits of a Go Fan Yourself® HVLD fan system for stadiums:

Stadiums are filled with excited fans, loud music and booming announcements.  Why add to the noise? HVLD fans from Go Fan Yourself® operate smoothly and quietly at all speeds, resulting in an efficient way of keeping your arena or stadium cool without adding to the cacophony.

HVLD fans provide constant cooling at low costs. They do this by moving large amounts of air at an efficient, steady rate.

Cut HVAC costs by up to 35% during heating season.

An HVLD fan creates a consistent airflow throughout the space that boosts evaporative cooling.  It can make areas feel up to 10˚ cooler in both enclosed and open-air spaces.

They can be easily connected and controlled automatically by your building management system.  No 3rd party proprietary hardware or software required! (additional module may be required in the drive at the time of order)

GFY® brings you the ability to cost effectively add HVAC to areas not climate controlled today.  Use our patented Z-Chill™ to spot cool or spot heat critical areas without breaking the bank!

GFY® fans may be controlled by a keypad or your building management system for fully automated functionality.  They work in all spaces with a minumum 14ft ceiling height.

Ceiling lower?  Check out Ray-Air™!  Big or small, high ceiling or low, GFY® has an air movement system perfect for your facility.  Benefits 24/7/365 are only a quick phone call away!


Our technology for arenas can help you reduce operating costs and keep your spectators comfortable.