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Get Your Air in Top Condition.

Is the air in your recreational center stale? Stagnant air can cause overheating, high humidity and unpleasant odors. As indoor facilities have grown larger in recent years, their airflow issues have increased proportionately. Go Fan Yourself® ventilation solutions address comfort and safety and can pay big dividends.

Play It Cool with Go Fan Yourself

Our Z-Tech™ and TAZ fans are powerful enough to circulate enormous amounts of air throughout a large space, quietly and efficiently. Ice rinks can be made more comfortable for spectators by decreasing the moisture accumulation and humidity. Indoor soccer venues, golf centers and gymnasiums are beset with airflow issues and difficulty regulating temperatures. These problems can be relieved with the introduction of our air-movement solutions.

Comfort and Efficiency

Our Z-Tech™ fans circulate enough air to make participants and spectators feel 10 degrees cooler, even in non-air-conditioned spaces. When used in combination with air conditioning, our big fans distribute cooled air evenly and efficiently throughout the space. In heated spaces, our high-volume, low-speed fans redirect the warm air down to ground level, improving comfort while reducing the energy required to heat even the largest spaces.

Recreational Facilities That Benefit From HVLS Fans

Our industrial ceiling fans are designed specifically to service large structures, including recreational facilities. Here are just a few of the recreational venues that can benefit from the installation of our large ceiling fans:

Gyms. Where workouts happen, so do odors. With capabilities of up to 425,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) output and destratification coverage of up to 40,000 square feet, our fans make air exchange a no-sweat endeavor for the freshest, coolest workouts in town.

Indoor Sporting Areas. Ice rinks, swimming pools and other structures designed for sports often face ventilation and air-handling challenges due to the large open spaces involved. Some of these include air stratification, high heating and cooling costs, and cold downdrafts from vertical surfaces. GFY® industrial ceiling fans can significantly reduce these conditions, resulting in cost savings as well as improved facility performance.

Concert Venues. The last thing you need during a concert is your HVAC system jumping in as an accompanist. Our large ceiling fans rotate noiselessly, so the only fans you’ll hear are the ones who paid for admission. The pitched hub design on our Z-Tech™ fan also eliminates airflow dead spots so every concertgoer can listen in comfort.

Amphitheaters. The high ceilings and cavernous spaces that characterize amphitheaters are great for creating memorable experiences — but they also contribute to temperature and air-handling frustrations. This is especially true because it is so important not to compromise the acoustics of these structures. Our HVLS fans provide an ideal solution. Their noiseless operation and ability to move large amounts of air without creating distracting breezes keep spectators comfortable and focused on the show.

Riding Arenas. Excessive dust is unhealthy for any athlete, human or equine. Our HVLS fans can cool and freshen the air in your arena without blowing dust or sawdust around. Both horses and humans also will appreciate the evaporative cooling effect that takes down the heat by up to 10 degrees.

Our product line provides relief for occupants of recreational facilities by creating a more comfortable and healthier environment for participants, spectators and operators. By incorporating Go Fan Yourself® solutions, owners will enjoy a higher return on their biggest investment, the facility itself. Not only do they benefit from energy savings, but also the likelihood that more players and spectators will be drawn to the more comfortable, energy-efficient and healthy environment.

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