Office Fans


Outfit Your Office for Maximum Efficiency

When your office is running well, it sets the tone for your entire organization. Office efficiency begins with the physical office environment, including design, noise control, temperature and humidity control, proper lighting and, of course, plenty of fresh air.

Go Fan Yourself offers a number of office fan products that can improve or enhance every one of these issues. Let’s explore some of the ways our office fans can help your staff achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

Healthy Air Flow

Stagnant air can harbor odors, dirt and germs, which makes for an unpleasant and unhealthy office environment. However, you want to avoid creating uncomfortable and distracting drafty conditions. Installing a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan for office use is an excellent way to achieve the slow, steady turnover of air that will keep your office staff healthy and productive.

Energy-Efficient Office Cooling

Ideally, going green means saving energy without compromising performance. Installing an HVLS office cooling fan can reduce cooling costs in your office by 40 percent.

Eliminate Hot and Cool Spots

Unlike air conditioning, an HVLS fan circulates air above and around objects for an even flow of air throughout your office. This helps to distribute air evenly and eliminates those annoying pockets of warm and cold air that can lead to office wars over where to set the thermostat.

Relieve “Drop Ceiling Syndrome”

Drop ceilings are a common feature in office buildings, but they can make a room feel oppressive. Drop ceilings are often installed as an inexpensive cover-up where the ceiling has been cracked or water damaged. Because the resulting ceiling is lower than the room it was designed for, it can interfere with proper air flow in the room. In addition, it can be hard to find lighting fixtures adequate to illuminate an office that can work well with a drop ceiling.

ReCircuLite™ is a revolutionary new product that solves both problems at once. This state-of-the-art office fixture combines high-quality LED office lighting with recirculating fans to brighten and freshen your office space with one cost-effective solution.

Create a Distraction-Free Office

Extraneous noise, drafts, and overly bright or flickering lights wear on the nerves and can lower office productivity. Our HVLS fans do their job virtually without noise. What’s more, they move high volumes of air steadily through the space at a slow enough rate that it won’t cause distracting air currents or send papers flying off the desks. The long-lasting LED bulbs of ReCircuLite™ are fully dimmable and will not flicker, hum or buzz.

If you are looking for office efficiency and/or cost-effective office cooling solutions to improve conditions for your office employees, look no further than our office fan solutions. Get in touch with us here to learn more.