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Go Fan Yourself® proclaimed its independence and was established in 2011 to address the shortcomings of conventional HVLS fans in the industry. To truly be different and cool, we needed to design and manufacture our own products with our own intellectual property.

The results?  Z-Technology based on Fluid Dynamics!

But, the best science wasn’t good enough. We also needed a powerful ally. We found that ally when we became full partners with ABB, a pioneering technology leader.

You might say that the Go Fan Yourself® Z-Tech™ fan powered by the ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive is a modern marvel.

Combine our unmatched performance, because of better science, in the big fan world with our newest innovation, Ray-Air™ and every government facility of any size and purpose can tell air turnover challenges to GFY®!


GFY® fans move massive amounts of air throughout the space. This mixing of hot, stale, and stagnant air creates less humid air that is easier to breathe.

GFY® fans can be reversed in the cooler months enabling you to fully homogenize the air without creating a very uncomfortable wind-chill. No one wants to work in a wind-chill when it’s cold outside! Heat savings have been reported by GFY® customers as high as 35% (typical heat savings reported is 20%-25%).

GFY® fans work best in areas where the ceiling height is at least 15 feet. Our Z-Tech™ HVLD fans range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter so they fit any facility.

GFY® can be used to supercharge your HVAC system. Our patented Z-Chill™ system can bring both heat and unmatched cooling power to all your busy areas. Spot cooling and heating is the 21st century answer to comfort. Only heat and cool critical areas saving significant project dollars for installation as well as operational costs.

Use your HVAC system to heat and cool only when you need it while the Z-Tech™ fan runs 24/7/365 to keep the air in the facility homogenized and healthy! Every space can now be cost effectively climate controlled!


We aren’t shy about declaring how powerful and superior our technology is. Our Z-Tech™ HVLD fans are powered by the ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech Drive which provides:

  • Up to 30% more coverage than conventional HVLS fans
    • Reduce amount of fans needed for your space
  • Air movement directly under the fan
    • Even distribution of air movement
  • True Reversibility
    • Symmetrical blade designed to reverse during the winter months to deliver effective destratification without creating a wind chill.


We can all agree, it’s easy to vote for saving money. Our HVLD ceiling fans – provide significant cooling and heat savings with very low energy use.

GFY® Z-Technology isn’t just an alternative to air conditioning. The fact is, Z-Tech™ is invaluable for air-conditioned federal government facilities. Consider this: An air conditioner is a point source solution. The cool air it generates won’t circulate through a large space effectively on its own.

Installing one or more Z-Tech™ fans is a cost-efficient way to add critical air turnovers to supercharge your HVAC system.  keeping air uniform and helping reduce Sick Building Syndrome.

For areas not climate controlled consider the ultimate in energy-efficient comfort, our patented Z-Chill™ Fan and Diffuser System.

Whether you are outfitting a government-owned warehouse, office building or even a national monument, your GFY® fan will work alone or in tandem with your HVAC to keep your energy bills low. Your facility cannot be as efficient as possible without GFY® Z-Tech™ and Ray-Air™ working for you!

Setting a budget and saving money is of great importance to state facilities. So is environmental responsibility. Many states have implemented sustainability initiatives, which call for reduced energy use in government-owned buildings.

Go green and decrease your energy use with the installation of a Z-Tech™ HVLD fans combined with Ray-Air™ to keep operating costs — and your carbon footprint — low.

Municipal buildings play a big role in community life. Whether it’s a library, courthouse, senior center or fire/police department, the comfort level and indoor air quality of a municipal building reflects the community and can impact the morale of your city or town.

Add our Z-Tech™ fans  to specific working areas.  Add Ray-Air™ to office and low ceiling areas.  Instantly this building becomes more energy and cost efficient, fights Sick Building Syndrome, and provides healthier air for much better indoor air quality!  Go Green with GFY®!

Z-Tech™ fans will also properly homogenize the air in the winter months running in reverse. GFY® fans will not create the kind of uncomfortable wind-chill that results from HVLS fans that only move air in forward motion. Added cooling in summer, heat savings in winter, lower energy bills dropping your carbon footprint and helping you save the planet! Go Fan Yourself® is the only air movement company that brings it all!

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