Industrial Fans In Government Offices



Go Fan Yourself® proclaimed its independence and was established in 2014 to address the shortcomings of conventional HVLS fans in the industry. To truly be different and be cool, we needed to design and manufacture our own products in order to create solutions for inherent gaps in conventional HVLS fan design that our customers had brought to our attention.

You might say that High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans are a modern marvel.

Not so long ago, small fans with high speed were used to try and cool large areas. We understood that moving air was important to cool things down, but it didn't take too terribly long to realize that small, high-speed fans were not super effective in cooling down large, open spaces.


GFY fans are large fans that move massive amounts of air. The effectiveness of these fans is in the large column of air that moves downward. The air moves throughout the space, mixing hot, stale, and stagnant air to create cooler, cleaner air.

GFY fans can also be reversed in the cooler months for a similar experience with warmer air. These fans are much more energy efficient so that they will make a difference on your utility bill.

These fans work best in areas where the ceiling height is at least 15 feet. Our Z-Tech™ HVLS fans range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter so that they can fit any setting. GFY can be used with an HVAC system, which equals more efficient cooling so that you can reduce electricity consumption and see a faster cooling time. GFY fans can also be used as a standalone system. The air movement will help cool everyone down.


We aren’t shy about declaring how powerful and superior our technology is. Our Z-Tech™ HVLS fan provides:

  • Up to 30% more coverage than conventional HVLS fans
    • Reduce amount of fans needed for your space
  • Air movement directly under the fan
    • Even distribution of air movement
  • True Reversibility
    • Symmetrical blade designed to reverse during the winter months to deliver effective destratification without creating a wind chill.


Federal Government

No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, it’s easy to vote for saving money. That’s just what you can accomplish by adding fans to your government building. Fans — at least our HVLS ceiling fans — are highly efficient at moving large volumes of air because of their low, 3.15-amp power consumption. The result is significant cooling effect with very low energy use.

Fans aren’t just an alternative to air conditioning. The fact is, a GFY fan is invaluable for air-conditioned federal government facilities as well. Consider this: An air conditioner is a point source solution. The cool air it generates won’t circulate through a large space effectively on its own. Installing one or more Z-Tech™ fans is a cost-efficient and effective way to improve the circulation and ventilation of your existing air conditioning system, keeping air uniform and helping reduce condensation issues. Or, for the ultimate in energy-efficient comfort, consider installing our patented Z-Chill™ Fan and Diffuser System.

Whether you are outfitting a government-owned warehouse, office building or even a national monument, your government building fan will work in tandem with your air conditioning to keep your summer comfort level high and your energy bills low.

State Government

Setting a budget and saving money is of great importance to state facilities, along with environmental responsibility. Many states have implemented sustainability initiatives, which call for reduced energy use in government-owned buildings. Go green and avoid a high electric bill with the installation of a Z-Tech™ HVLS government building fan to keep operating costs — and your carbon footprint — low.

Municipal Government

Municipal buildings play a big role in community life. Whether it’s a library, courthouse, senior center or fire/police department, the comfort level of a municipal building reflects the community and can impact the morale of your city or town. Adding municipal building fans such as our Z-Tech™ fans to specific working areas is energy and cost efficient, and helps provide much-needed cooling relief to employees in the summer months.

Our GFY fans will also properly destratify the air in the winter months by running in reverse. These municipal building fans will not create the kind of uncomfortable wind-chill effect that can result from fans that must always run in forward motion.