Fitness is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Going to the gym or fitness center is not just enjoyable, but one of the healthiest ways possible to spend free time. How much better could this experience be with the healthier air to help you push past your personal best?

Go Fan Yourself® innovation keeps your gym more comfortable, healthier, happier and makes you more energy efficient!

  • Extend the life of equipment.
  • Ease the burden on your expensive HVAC system.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • With Z-Tech™ and Ray-Air™ your gym becomes a whole new level of healthy by going green!


GFY’s full partnership with ABB!

Z-Technology powered by the ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive provides a system solution exceeding every fan on the market. Year-round energy savings by providing healthier indoor air that fights Sick Building Syndrome. What’s to lose?

Ray-Air™ in offices, rest rooms, locker rooms, tanning boots provides the air turnovers these areas require to stay healthy.

Jeb Simmons of Northfit in Fort Atkinson, WI knows the benefits of a Z-Tech™ fan first hand. Jeb sees tremendous heat savings every winter and when his members push themselves past their limit the breeze created by the fan helps them get there! Z-Tech™ is a member favorite at Northfit!


Large gym fans are an efficient and economical way to solve many of the most pressing air-quality and airflow issues fitness centers experience. Let’s take a look at a few:

Workout and locker room odors build up fast in enclosed spaces.

GFY® fans are designed to move large masses of air throughout the space, providing required air turnovers to all areas of your gym.  Prevent the build up of stale, smelly air by never allowing it to sit stagnant.

Delivering industry leading airflow, these fans make the indoor workout experience feel almost like an outdoor one — free of the excess noise associated with typical workout fans. 

If you have low ceilings Ray-Air™ is your air turnover powerlifter!  Reduce odor, mold and mildew growth, humidity and condensation with custom print Ray-Air™ units motivating your “gym rats” while making them more comfortable!

Keeping workout areas cool – cost-effectively.

Get a bunch of warm bodies working out side by side under one roof and your fitness center energy bill can quickly get as extreme as your most vigorous exercise classes. Yet compliance with health and safety regulations for temperature control in fitness facilities doesn’t have to break the bank.

GFY® fans provide the maximum evaporative cooling experience for pennies on the dollar compared to other cooling methods. Add steam rooms, showers and hot tubs and it makes it that much worse.

Combine GFY® fans with Ray-Air™ and create a healthier atmosphere in all your critical areas!

Trip hazards.

Got conventional fans?  GFY® fans offer huge advantages over those units – they’re installed overhead, safely out of the way of foot traffic.

No more distracted athletes bumping into floor-level fans or tripping over extension cords!  And, for less energy than an army of small fans our ceiling fans provide greater airflow over a greater area for less money!  GFY® is the easy, green solution to all your air movement challenges!

Ray-Air™ is far more efficient than your desk fan and is in the ceiling or on the wall completely out of your way!

Germ control.

Due to so many people breathing and sweating in one place, fitness facilities are notorious for being excellent places to catch a cold. Lack of proper airflow can facilitate the spread of viruses and other pathogens. 

By stirring the air you keep all airborne contaminants from landing on surfaces where human beings come in contact with them. Keeping them in the air means they are more easily sucked into the air returns of your HVAC system where they can be filtered out.

In all your areas with exhaust fans (like locker rooms and rest rooms) Ray-Air™ provides the same benefit. By stirring the air 24/7/365 airborne contaminants stay airborne longer giving the exhaust fans a much better chance of evacuating them from your space.

Don’t let lingering odors and overly warm conditions send your clients running in search of another place to work out.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your fitness center become known as the coolest, greenest one around.