Fitness is one of America’s favorite pastimes, as it should be. Going to the gym or fitness center is not just enjoyable, but one of the healthiest ways possible to spend free time. However, poor air quality in these places can negate both these benefits.

How can your gym go the extra mile for your patrons? High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) commercial gym fans are one solution that can help you keep clients cool and happy — as well as meet industry regulations governing health and safety conditions in fitness facilities.

4 Fitness Center Air-Quality and Safety Problems Industrial Gym Fans Can Solve

Large gym fans are an efficient and economical way to solve many of the most pressing air-quality and airflow issues fitness centers experience. Let’s take a look at a few:

Problem No. 1: Workout and locker room odors build up fast in enclosed spaces. Our HVLS fitness center fans are designed to move large masses of air throughout the space, providing welcome ventilation to all areas of your gym and avoiding the air stratification and “dead zones” that can lead to the buildup of stale, smelly air. Delivering up to 425,000 cubic feet per minute of airflow, these fans make the indoor workout experience feel almost like an outdoor one — free of the excess noise associated with typical workout fans.

Problem No. 2: Keeping workout areas cool — cost-effectively. Get a bunch of warm bodies working out under one roof — side by side with steam rooms, hot showers and hot tubs — and your fitness center energy bill can quickly get as extreme as your most vigorous exercise classes. Yet compliance with health and safety regulations for temperature control in fitness facilities doesn’t have to break the bank. Our commercial ceiling fans for gyms help you keep workout spaces cool for pennies on the dollar compared to other cooling methods.

Problem No. 3: Trip hazards. Speaking of conventional fans, our industrial gym fans offer another advantage over those units — they’re installed overhead, safely out of the way of foot traffic. No more worrying about distracted athletes bumping into floor-level fans or tripping over extension cords!

Problem No. 4: Germ control. Due to so many people breathing and sweating in one place, fitness facilities are notorious for being excellent places to catch a cold. Lack of proper airflow can further facilitate the spread of viruses and other pathogens.

Industrial gym fans operate on the principle of evaporative cooling to make the air in your workout facility feel up to 10 degrees cooler using a fraction of the energy of air conditioning. You can get away with fewer of them, as well. One large gym fan can deliver the same amount of cooling airflow as up to 34 standard high-speed fans.

Why Choose Go Fan Yourself Commercial Ceiling Fans for Gyms?

Our commercial gym fans provide benefits not found in other HVLS fan brands. Our fans’ unique pitched hub and patented, stepped edge Z-tech blade help eliminate dead zones and improve airflow 30% more effectively than any other fans on the market. For gyms located in cool weather areas, our fans are designed to be run in reverse to help heat large spaces more efficiently. At Go Fan Yourself, we are “chill” and easy to work with — professional, of course, but never stuffy.

Don’t let lingering odors and overly warm conditions send your clients running in search of another place to work out. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your fitness center become known as the coolest one around.