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Indoor air quality is critical in schools to protect students’ health and keep them comfortable enough to focus on their lessons.

It can be challenging for schools to provide a safe, healthy learning environment while keeping building operation and maintenance budgets under control.

That’s where Go Fan Yourself and schools go hand-in-hand. Our Z-Tech™ fans and new, innovative Ray-Air™ are ideal for use in a variety of educational settings, from classrooms and archives to large lecture halls and gyms.

Ray-Air™ requires zero maintenance and, you can customize them with school colors and logo.


Go Fan Yourself built a better fan based on better science. The only high-volume, large-diameter fan based on the principals of Fluid Dynamics in the world. This is the GFY secret to our incredible performance in both directions.

Ray-Air™ is so innovative UL wasn’t sure how to test it! They told us they had more fun with Ray-Air™ than any product they’ve had in years because they’d never seen anything like it. Trust your air turnover needs to the company truly innovating and brining never before seen technology to market. Work with Go Fan Yourself and help your campus, staff, and most importantly your students, do great things!


Install Z-Tech™ with Designer Series or Ray-Air™ with a printed tile to address many of the most common indoor environmental challenges schools face. Use them in:

Z-Tech™ in large spaces or Ray-Air™ in low ceiling areas GFY® innovation quietly and effectively turn the air over throughout the space.  This provides:

  • Cleaner, healthier air for students and faculty alike
  • Reduced energy use lowering your campus’ carbon footprint
  • Inhibiting mold and mildew growth
  • Fight Sick Building Syndrome
  • Air turnovers in dormitories!!  Can you think of anywhere on earth where air turnovers are needed more?  Safe, quiet air movement with your school logo or other appropriate signage
  • Adjusting thermostats saves or costs you about 4% per degree.  How much will your campus save?

In gyms, pools, stadiums, locker rooms and other recreational venues, Z-Tech™ fans and Ray-Air™ create air turnovers keeping the air smelling fresh.

  • School gymnasium Z-Tech™ fans are great at keeping the humidity down and reducing condensation.
    • Your teams, coaching staffs and spectators have never been this comfortable at your events.
  • Locker rooms equipped with Ray-Air™ fight mold and mildew by reducing condensation and humidity improving the health of student athletes.
  • Pool areas need air movement.  Only Go Fan Yourself® innovation can bring efficient, cost effective air turnovers to these critical areas.
  • Stadiums are your face of the school to many people.  Making their experience better can only help the way they feel about your school and programs.
    • Z-Tech™ fans keep a packed house comfortable so cheering on their favorite school athlete is their only focus.
    • Ray-Air™ in rest rooms, press boxes, and every gathering space to keep air as healthy for your important guests as possible.

Install Z-Tech™ fans and Ray-Air™ in cafeterias and kitchens to reduce food odors, humidity and condensation.

Gain applause from performers and audience members alike when everyone in the space stays cool and comfortable while enjoying the breeze of the GFY® air movement system.

Reduce heating, cooling and ventilation costs in residential lounges and entry halls. Our fans’ sleek styling complements any interior décor and you can order them in any color scheme, from sophisticated to bold. (School colors, anyone?).

The Ray-Air™ tile can be printed to look like anything!  Your school crest or seal, signage, anything you desire.  Turn your air turnover powerhouse into beautiful art!


Interested in learning more about how our GFY® innovation works for education and can help you save on maintenance and operational costs while improving the learning environment?