Commercial Fans



No matter what type of space you need to move air, Go Fan Yourself® has the optimal solution for making the occupants more comfortable. Count on us for the coolest solutions for all your commercial fan needs — in offices, restaurants, theaters and more.

With its 425,000 CFM output, our HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) Z-Tech™ fan is among the most effective HVLS fans for commercial spaces on the market. It circulates massive volumes of air gently and quietly to keep your customers comfortable and happy, and your employees healthy and productive. Unlike air conditioning, HVLS fans effectively destratify air, distributing it evenly around obstacles and throughout large open spaces.

In addition to improving comfort levels, this fan reduces energy use to save you money. With its low, 3.15 amp power consumption and up to 10 degree cooling effect, it is a cost-effective solution that will help keep cooling bills under control in your commercial facility. If you are interested in LEED certification, HVLS fans may help your project attain LEED credits for energy-efficient equipment.

Industries That Can Benefit From A Commercial Fan:

Office Space

Replace several floor or commercial ceiling fans with a single fan. Your employees will be more comfortable, and comfortable workers are more productive.

• Restaurants

Your diners will return to your establishment more frequently if they are comfortable. The low speed of our HVLS fans means a quieter operation for conversing, and less blowing keeps napkins in their place.

• Theaters and Convention Centers

Large commercial ceiling fans keep even the largest, most crowded venues comfortable and cool while saving energy. Their quiet operation makes these fans an ideal solution for these types of spaces.

• Outdoor Venues

Use a Z-Tech™ commercial ceiling fan during outdoor events to provide a spot for customers to get out of the heat and cool down.

• Worship Facilities

High ceilings and a desire for quiet make Z-Tech™ the optimal solution for churches.

• Breweries

Our Z-Tech™ fans offer an effective solution for reducing temperature, humidity and odor build-up in brewing facilities. Their quiet operation is also ideal for tasting rooms.

Airplane Hangars

Airplane hangars are notoriously difficult to heat and cool. In the large open spaces required for storing aircraft, air tends to stratify. In winter, warm air pumped in at ground level simply rises and escapes through the roof, while technicians shiver below. In summer, the heat can be unbearable, and the cooling bills astronomical. The large air movement capacity of our commercial ceiling fans addresses these problems effectively and at a far lower cost than other HVAC alternatives.

Commercial Fans Provide Comfort and Efficiency

GFY® fans range in size from 8 to 24 feet in diameter to fit any commercial space. Our fans circulate enough air to make occupants of commercial spaces feel 10 degrees cooler, even in non-air conditioned spaces. When used in combination with air conditioning, our large fans distribute cooled air evenly and efficiently throughout the space. Our Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser System is an excellent choice for Airplane Hangars. In heated spaces, our HVLS fans redirect the warm air down to ground level, improving comfort while reducing the energy required to heat even the largest spaces.

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