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All spaces need air turnovers, Go Fan Yourself® has the optimal “green” solution for all your commercial space. Count on us for the coolest solutions for all your commercial air turnover needs – in offices, public buildings, theaters, rental property and more.

Office Space:

  • Ray-Air™ is the perfect answer for every indoor space!
    • Extremely quiet
    • Incredibly efficient
    • A 2×4 Ray-Air™ draws only 11 watts!  That’s $15 per year to operate 24/7/365!!
    • Blends beautifully in every space
      • Unlimited customization
    • Creates healthier, easier to breathe air with less:
      • Condensation and humidity
      • Temperature variation (no more cold feet in winter!!)
      • Mold and mildew growth
      • Odors
      • Makes your existing HVAC system far more efficient

How can it not be worth $15 per year to breathe healthier air 24/7/365?

Public Buildings, Theaters, Rental Property and more:

  • Low ceiling areas – Ray-Air™ is the ultimate air turnover green machine!
  • Large spaces – GFY® fans powered by a system solution from ABB provide the most powerful and versatile fan system available.
    • ABB Dodge Quantis Z-Tech™ Drive is the most advanced fan power plant in the world.
    • Z-Tech™ SS safety system makes your GFY® fan the safest fan on the market.
      • (4) custom straps each with a break strength of 16,000lbs protect your fan far better than unseemly steel cable.
    • Forward performance unmatched in the industry provides up to 30% greater coverage allowing fewer fans to cover your space.
    • Reverse performance unique to large fans gets all that free heat down to the floor without creating a very uncomfortable wind chill.
    • Got a building management system?  Order your GFY® fan to easily connect and be controlled by the best fan control system in the world.  The one you already own.  Why risk the introduction of 3rd party software and hardware when you have the perfect control system on-site?


GFY® fans come in 9 standard sizes (from 8 to 24 feet in diameter) to fit any commercial space. Our fans industry leading coverage area makes occupants of commercial spaces feel up to 10 degrees cooler.

Have a space that is not climate controlled but desperately needs it? Our Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser System is an excellent choice. Z-Chill™ can bring tempered air when it’s hot and warm air when it’s cold. All for a fraction of the cost of an HVAC project in the space. Lower initial cost and lower operational cost make Z-Chill™ a win/win!

Already have HVAC? Awesome! You really need GFY® fans! With our ability to supercharge the cooling power of HVAC you can raise your thermostats in summer. This saves you about 4% per degree! And, with the added breeze created by your Z-Tech™ fans your team will feel even more comfortable while you’re saving serious cash!

In heated spaces, our HVLD fans can run in reverse to redirect the warm air down to ground level without creating an uncomfortable wind-chill. GFY® improves comfort while reducing the energy required to heat even the largest spaces!


Ray-Air™ will make the air in every indoor space healthier and easier to breathe for $1.25 a month to operate!

GFY® creates a happier, healthier atmosphere from the smallest space to the largest.  Personal office to football stadium GFY® has your air turnover answers!

Go Fan Yourself® fans keep even the largest, most crowded venues comfortable and cool while saving energy. Their quiet operation makes these fans an ideal solution for these types of spaces.

Use Z-Tech™ fans during outdoor events to provide areas where customers can go to get out of the heat and cool down.

High ceilings and a desire for quiet make Z-Tech™ the optimal solution for your worship space.

Our Z-Tech™ fans offer an effective solution for reducing temperature, humidity and odor build-up in brewing facilities.  Z-Chill™ makes keeping your patrons cool and comfortable within reach.

Airplane hangars are notoriously difficult to heat and cool. Without large fans stratification is impossible to prevent. 

During winter hangars can be impossible to heat.  Z-Tech™ fans solve these challenges at a far lower cost than other HVAC alternatives.

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if you are looking for air turnover solutions that are energy efficient and effective for every indoor space!