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Big, expansive spaces. In a church or worship facility, they allow the spirit to soar. Unfortunately, they do the same for utility bills.

Churches and similar facilities often contain multiple large spaces, including meeting or conference rooms, entry areas and even gymnasiums in addition to open worship areas. These spaces can be notoriously challenging to heat and cool cost-efficiently.

Go Fan Yourself® powered by ABB to the rescue! Designed with several unique features, these patented HVLD fans can be a saving grace for keeping your congregation comfortable in any season.


  • Go Fan Yourself® has fully partnered with ABB and released the only system solution available in the large fan industry.
  • Run forward – massive amounts of air gently cover your congregation keeping the heat at bay.
  • Run reverse – generous heat savings without creating very uncomfortable wind chills.
  • ABB control means you can order your fan ready to connect to your Building Management System for the ultimate in fan control.
  • Individual fan control gives you the ability to create the perfect atmosphere for every gathering.

Lower Utility Bills

Evaporative cooling action helps your congregation feel up to 10˚ cooler without lowering the thermostat.

Stirring the air without creating a wind chill makes winter heat far less costly and adds greater comfort!

Fresh Air Throughout Your Facility

HVLD fans improve air turnovers tremendously, making the air healthier and easier to breathe.

Peaceful Quiet

Hallelujah! No more rattling fan blades or hymnal pages flapping in fan-created breezes.

Our HVLD fans are quiet so even the most reverent moments can be appreciated in peace.

Automated Operation

To optimize functionality and efficiency, our HVLD fans powered by ABB so are fully compatible with building management systems.

As conditions in your space changes your fans can change automatically.

Increased Comfort 

HVLD fans homogenize the air in big spaces. This leads to an even temperature throughout your space helping everyone stay engaged.

You may be able to raise your thermostat saving about 4% per degree while enhancing your comfort level!

When it’s time to heat, our fans run in reverse to push the heat down without creating a very uncomfortable wind-chill.

More comfortable and cost savings all year long!

Aesthetically Pleasing

We can custom finish our fans to complement any interior space.

Their sleek design blends well with any church décor from highly traditional to ultra-modern.


Our HVLD fans have several unique design features that offer unparalleled advantages for your place of worship. These include:

Looking to save money while improving the community experience?  Contact Go Fan Yourself® HVLD fan options, tell us your needs, we’ll help you find the solutions to best fit your facility and budget.

Based on Fluid Dynamics, the patented, stepped, symmetrical Go Fan Yourself blades provide improved coverage – 30% more – compared with HVLS fans on the market.  This may enable you to achieve better results with fewer fans, freeing up your budget for other needs.

This eliminates the “dead zone” directly under the fan.  A common complaint about many church ceiling fans. We keeps all members comfortable, no matter where they’re seated.

Forward for cooling and reverse for heating creating added comfort and energy savings without compromise.

Spot cool critical areas with Z-Chill™!  No need for an expensive HVAC system to cool every corner of the facility.  Z-Chill™ allows you to target cool reducing your installation and operational budget.

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if you are looking for an air movement system that is “green” and effective for the largest indoor spaces!