Churches And Worship Facilities

Big, expansive spaces. In a church or worship facility, they allow the spirit to soar. Unfortunately, they do the same for utility bills. Churches and similar facilities often contain multiple large spaces, including meeting or conference rooms, entry areas and even gymnasiums in addition to open worship areas. These spaces can be notoriously challenging to heat and cool effectively and cost-efficiently.

Go Fan Yourself church ceiling fans to the rescue! Designed with several unique features, these specially designed HVLS fans for church are the saving grace for keeping your congregation comfortable in any season.

Why Use HVLS Commercial Ceiling Fans for Churches?

HVLS — high volume low speed — fans are very different from standard high-speed pedestal, window or ceiling fans. Instead of quickly moving small columns of air, HVLS fans push masses of air throughout a large space at a slower rate. This works to effectively mix layers and pockets of air without creating strong, distracting breezes. At the same time, it creates a powerful evaporative cooling effect that keeps your congregation comfortable and engaged.

Installing church sanctuary ceiling fans can benefit your church or place of worship during both hot and cold weather in many ways, including:

  • Lower utility bills — The evaporative cooling action of a ceiling fan for church helps your congregation feel up to 10 degrees cooler without lowering the thermostat.
  • Increased comfort — HVLS fans work to mix and destratify layers and pockets of air that form in big spaces. Installing HVLS destratification fans in churches leads to more even heating, so you won’t have half your congregation shivering and the other half overheated and fidgeting. You may find that the even distribution of air temperature means you can set your thermostat at a more moderate level for even more energy savings.
  • Fresh air throughout your facility — HVLS fans improve ventilation tremendously, helping to alleviate the musty odors that sometimes accumulate in worship facilities.
  • Peaceful quiet — Hallelujah! No more rattling fan blades or hymnal pages flapping in fan-created breezes. Our HVLS church ceiling fans are quiet as a prayer, so even the most reverent moments can be appreciated in peace.
  • Automation and remote operation — To optimize functionality and efficiency, our HVLS fans for church are fully compatible with most building performance systems. We also can set them up for independent wireless operation so you can control when and how they operate from any mobile device.
  • Aesthetically pleasing — We can custom finish our fans to complement any interior space. Their sleek design blends well with any church décor from highly traditional to ultra-modern.

Unique Benefits of GFY Church Ceiling Fans

Our church sanctuary ceiling fans have several unique design features that offer unparalleled advantages for your place of worship. These include:

  • A stepped blade design — This feature provides improved coverage - 30% more - compared with other HVLS fans on the market and may enable you to achieve the same results with fewer fans, freeing up your budget for other needs.
  • A unique pitched hub — This eliminates the “dead zone,” which is a common complaint about many church ceiling fans. They’ll keep all members of your congregation comfortable, no matter where they’re seated.
  • All-season performance — Our fans are designed to run in reverse for winter heating applications, so you’ll enjoy energy savings all year round.
  • Solutions for very hot weather — If your facility routinely battles temperatures above 90 degrees, ask us about our revolutionary Z-Chill™ system. It can help you keep worship and gathering areas comfortable without spending excessive amounts cooling the entire facility.

We’ve been told our commercial ceiling fans for churches are an answered prayer for worship facilities looking to save money while improving the community experience for churchgoers. If you’d like to learn more about HVLS fan options for your facility, the next step is to tell us your needs. We’ll help you find the solutions that will best fit your facility and budget. To get started, contact us here and we will be in touch with you soon!