People love great food, and a comfortable, inviting atmosphere sets the tone for a great evening out. When given a choice, most will choose to hang out in an establishment where they feel good over one where the food is good, but the comfort level is lacking.

Smart bar and restaurant owners know this and go to great lengths to ensure an optimal experience for every customer. This includes balanced temperatures and fresh air -free of hot and cold pockets, stuffiness or unpleasant odors. Uncomfortable conditions will have customers heading for the door with a to-go box in place of hanging out to enjoy the rest of their night.

That’s why GFY® fans and Ray-Air™ units are such a hit with bars and restaurants! Many of the most common HVAC challenges experienced by restaurants can be solved completely by installing an air turnover solution from Go Fan Yourself®.


GFY® fans have a number of innovative features that distinguish them from competitive HVLS fans on the market including:

  • Z-technology to efficiently homogenize the air even in a crowded environment – 30% more than our competition
  • A pitched central hub eliminating “The Eye Of The Hurricane” dead zone, ensuring every guest enjoys equal comfort
  • Spot cooling capacity where needed with our patented Z-Chill™ system
  • Ray-Air™ provides air turnovers in every indoor space where you just can’t hang fans without creating a significant safety hazard

Regardless of the heating, cooling and air turnover challenges your restaurant or bar faces, we have the right air movement solutions to help turn your place into the coolest hangout spot in town!


Whether installed on the patio, in the dining area or in the kitchen, Go Fan Yourself’s go both ways fans put a great spin on your establishment in so many ways:

  • Commerical kitchens must circulate air. Low ceiling – Ray-Air™ is the perfect, green answer!
    • Common conditions in restaurant kitchens can pose safety hazards.
      • High heat and humidity
      • Condensation
      • Mold & mildew growth
      • Airborne allergens and other pollutants
      • Odors
      • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Your commercial kitchen needs a high rate of air turnovers.

Ray-Air™ brings air turnovers to your kitchen area for only $15 per year per unit to operate!! $15 per year!!!

Bars and restaurants are full of heat sources, including ovens, grills, lighting and lots of warm bodies packed into the space. This makes it challenging to keep your place comfortably cool without sending your utility bill through the roof.

A GFY® fans send a slow-moving wave of air through your space for an evaporative cooling effect that makes guests feel several degrees cooler.  Why break the bank to run your AC harder?

Help your bottom line and encourage your patrons to come back soon with a GFY® fan they will talk about!

Fresh food doesn’t taste as fresh if it’s served in stale air. Our HVLD ceiling fans provide more ATPM (air turnovers per minute) helping your guests enjoy the enticing aromas of their meal.

Fresh air is healthier, too. Adding more air turnovers helps keep airborne allergens and pathogens in the air so they don’t land on surfaces, including your wonderful meals. Keeping these contaminants airborne allows them to be pulled into your HVAC system’s intake more efficiently where they can be filtered out before the air returns to your space.

The more air turnovers in your space makes your air healthier and easier to breathe!

Noisy fans and blowing napkins can mar a great evening out, not to mention the trip hazards presented by pedestal fans and extension cords. Our fans are quiet and fully adjustable creating the perfect atmosphere day in and day out.


Learn more about how our air turnovers can help you improve your customer experience: contact us here or call 844-874-3833 today.