Bars And Restaurants

People love great food, but a comfortable, inviting atmosphere is what sets the tone for a great evening out. When given a choice, most will choose to hang out in an establishment where they feel good over one where the food is good, but the comfort level is lacking.

Smart bar and restaurant owners know this and go to great lengths to ensure an optimal experience for every customer. This includes balanced temperatures and fresh air -free of hot and cold pockets, stuffiness or unpleasant odors. Uncomfortable conditions will have customers heading for the door with a to-go box and not returning anytime soon.

That’s why our commercial ceiling fans for restaurants and bars are such a hit. Many of the most common HVAC challenges experienced by restaurants can be reduced or solved completely by installing one or more HVLS restaurant ceiling fans.

Benefits of Restaurant and Bar Ceiling Fans

Whether installed on the patio, in the dining area or in the kitchen, Go Fan Yourself’s restaurant ceiling fans put a great spin on your establishment in so many ways:

  • The coolest hangout spot in town — Bars and restaurants are full of heat sources, including ovens and grills, lighting and lots of warm bodies packed into the space. This can make it challenging to keep your place comfortably cool without sending your utility bill through the roof. An HVLS commercial ceiling fan for restaurants sends a slow-moving wave of air through the space for an evaporative cooling effect that makes guests feel as much as 10 degrees cooler, without having to crank the AC.
  • Air as fresh as the food — Fresh food doesn’t taste so fresh if it’s served in stale air. Our HVLS ceiling fans turn over up to 425,000 CFM, so the only smells your guests will notice are the enticing aromas of their meal. Fresh air is healthier, too. The extra ventilation our fans provide keeps airborne pathogens at bay for happier, healthier patrons AND employees.
  • Distraction-free dining — Noisy fans and blowing napkins can mar a great evening out, not to mention the trip hazards presented by pedestal fans and extension cords. Our fans are virtually noiseless and, because they slowly move so much air at once, they don’t to create annoying breezes.

Don’t forget to include a restaurant kitchen fan. The high heat and humidity common in restaurant kitchens can pose safety hazards and are expensive to address with conventional HVAC solutions. Installing a commercial kitchen ceiling fan can significantly decrease your kitchen’s energy consumption, reduce humidity and protect your employees from heat-related illness.

Why Choose GFY As Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen Fan Supplier?

Go Fan Yourself commercial ceiling fans for restaurants and bars have a number of innovative features that distinguish them from other HVLS fans on the market including:

  • A patented, stepped edge Z-tech blade design for more air flow in a crowded environment - 30% more than our competition
  • A pitched central hub that eliminates dead zones, ensuring that every guest enjoys equal comfort
  • Spot cooling capacity where needed with our patented Z-Chill™ system

Regardless of the heating, cooling and ventilation challenges your restaurant or bar faces, we have the right HVLS solutions to help turn your place into the coolest hangout spot in town!

Ready to Get Started?

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