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Service is the face of your business!

What’s the worst times for your service department?

  • Hot and humid
  • Bone chilling cold
  • Condensation

Go Fan Yourself® helps with all of the above!

  • Massive air movement running forward when it’s hot and steamy cools techs and customers.
  • Reverse operation saves you money on your heating bill without creating a very uncomfortable wind chill.
  • Reducing humidity and condensation keeps tools and machinery in better operating condition longer.

It all adds up to a better customer experience every time customers visit the face of your business!  Tell uncomfortable weather to GFY®!

Plus you’ve created a better working environment for your team making your dealership look better to them and your prospects.  Who’s going to walk across the street and take a job where they are less comfortable?  Industrial grade ceiling fans from Go Fan Yourself® improves all aspects of your business!

Ray-Air in your offices and showroom!

  • Lower your heating and cooling bills
  • Fight Sick Building Syndrome
  • Lower humidity and condensation
  • Inhibit mold and mildew growth
  • Reduce odors
  • Provide healthier, more pleasant air for your staff and customers!  Customers will notice!


High-volume, large-diameter (HVLD) fans also improve safety from slippery floors. Your concrete gets wet for a host of reasons. Why tolerate this dangerous situation for workers in the service bay?

GFY® fans are easy and affordable and provide the most forceful air flow Z-Tech™, Z-Tech3™ or TAZ™ fans to help remove condensation keeping your floors dry and safe.


Moving air produces a cooling effect on the skin, called evaporative cooling. The air blows across, like a light breeze on an 80˚ day. The breeze isn’t cooler, but it feels like it on your skin. In winter, heat naturally wants to rise, but our symmetrical destratification system prevents that, returning your facility temperature faster after bay doors open.  This creates less drag on your HVAC system and keeps more cash in your budget!

Hot and humid air can inflict costly damage to tools and machinery. GFY® fans provide condensation and humidity reduction prolonging the life of your valuable equipment and stock.

GFY® fans provide thermal destratification so HVAC systems don’t have to over-deliver to constantly replace the heat that rises from the floor or to circulate already cooled air.  Your HVAC system cycles less, you save money!


According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims and result in more than 1 million visits to emergency room visits each year.

Additionally, the compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents is approximately $70 billion annually. Keep your employees safe and comfy with a Z-Tech™ HVLD fan.


GFY® fans improve comfort and provide energy savings while enhancing your customers’ experience.

With such a high volume of air, some would think our fans might create distracting and unpleasant drafts. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Z-Tech™ fan is designed to move large amounts of air at low speeds. This allows for effective airflow without creating discomfort, even in an auto showroom.

Fan noises such as rattles, squeaks and the constant swish of air may not detract from some work environments, but they are definitely not welcome on the showroom floor. Go Fan Yourself® fans are quiet, so sales conversations can take place with ease. The ability of these fans to move massive volumes of air also keeps the auto showfloor fresh and free of fumes.

Let’s not forget branding! Appearance is vitally important when selling high-ticket items such as cars. Go Fan Yourself® offers a Designer Series option for auto dealership fans that blend seamlessly with your branding and showroom décor.


A more comfortable mechanic is a more productive mechanic, and good air quality and air turnovers is a must for maintaining comfort in your auto repair center. GFY® fans are your best option!

GFY® fans quietly move huge amounts of air over and around vehicles and equipment, effectively removing fumes and keeping employees cool in the summer months. In winter, reverse the symmetrical blade direction to keep warm air where it belongs — at floor level where your workers will appreciate it most. It’s an energy-efficient way to keep morale high and energy bills low in your service bay.


Go Fan Yourself® has the solution for stale, stagnant air — our products improve the health and breathability of your air!

Reducing respiratory problems by reducing carbon monoxide, mold, dust, air pollutants, fork truck fumes, welding fumes and metal-cutting fumes.

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