Agricultural Fans


Good air quality and proper ventilation are essential for high-quality farm products and healthy livestock. Our HVLS industrial ceiling fans make great barn fans as they don’t just circulate air. They mix and distribute it more efficiently and with less turbulence than higher-speed fan options. In addition, and unlike air conditioning systems, our high-volume, low-speed fans reduce or eliminate air stratification, which can cause unwanted layers of hot, stagnant air. Whether used alone or in conjunction with an AC unit, our fans are a cost-efficient, energy-saving solution that can significantly reduce the cost of cooling your barn or other agricultural facilities.

Our Z-Tech™ HVLS ceiling fans are highly recommended HVLS fans for agricultural spaces. They are capable of moving up to 425,000 CFM each and can lower the temperature in dairy barns by up to 10 degrees. This type of cow cooling results in proven increased milk production. Go Fan Yourself Z-Tech™ fans are beneficial for other livestock facilities as well; poultry houses and riding areas are excellent applications.

If our Z-Tech™ Fan won’t work due to size restrictions, check out our 7-foot TAZ Fan. It’s great for tight spaces and performs like our Z-Tech™ Fan. The 7-foot Directional Fan moves up to 80,000 CFM with the blades concealed in a robust fiberglass housing that features field-adjustable airfoils to direct the air. This is simple to work into almost any application. You can even post-mount this barn fan if you don’t have an appropriate spot for hanging.

Agricultural Fans for Barns and Livestock Facilities

Proper ventilation is serious business if you’re raising livestock. Moisture, heat, pathogens and gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide all tend to accumulate in barns and other livestock facilities. For the health of the animals and for the safety of those who work with them and consume products made from them, these unhealthy substances need to be regularly and efficiently removed from the space.

Ventilating a space where livestock are kept presents unique challenges. Animals can be stressed by their environment, which affects their productive capacity. Noise, drafts and sudden changes in the environment can result in illness, poor growth rates or weight gain, aggressive or self-destructive behavior, and even death. When selecting livestock fans, these factors need to be taken into account. HVLS agricultural fans are the perfect choice for many barns and livestock facilities because they run quietly enough to not stress the animals even on startup, and move large quantities of air without creating unhealthy draft conditions.

Many types of livestock are also highly susceptible to heat stress. Because the cost of air conditioning a barn can be prohibitive, an HVLS agricultural fan is often the perfect solution. It can provide effective evaporative cooling to keep livestock cool at a fraction of the cost of alternative cooling options. However, when the mercury rises too high and the sun beats down on the barn roof, a fan by itself may not be enough to keep the temperature within the safety zone. Where that is the case, using the fan in conjunction with a diffuser system can provide an economical solution.

Here are a few specific uses for Go Fan Yourself products in agricultural applications:

  • Warm Milk, Not Cows
Proper ventilation is serious business if you’re raising livestock. Heat and cold stress both have adverse effects on milk production. Using barn fans to cool dairy barns and sheds increases milk production and protects your investment in the herd.
  • Cool Roosting

Poultry are highly susceptible to heat stress. Rising temperatures cause both meat birds and layers to lose production. Since birds don’t sweat, they rely on panting and evaporation to cool down. High humidity conditions are therefore especially dangerous to the health of your flock. Using HVLS fans for cooling your poultry facilities is a cost-effective way to control both heat and humidity in the poultry barn. In winter, run the fans in reverse to keep your birds warm and cozy.

  • Hog Wild Air Control

Pigs are more sensitive than most people realize. Successful swine production depends on keeping the animals comfortable and happy. In the summer, this means keeping temperatures down to prevent heat stress. Moisture control is crucial year round. GFY® fans excel at both applications.

  • The Seeds of Quality Produce

Overly warm air can cause spoilage. Keep your vegetables and fruits fresh and healthy longer with a large, efficient barn fan that moves large amounts of air powerfully yet gently. Your customers will appreciate its quiet operation.

  • A Workhorse of a Fan

GFY® large fans eliminate drafts and stagnant air to keep your horses healthier. Improving the air quality in barns, riding arenas and training centers helps keep the animals, owners and trainers comfortable. Their quiet operation is also ideal for high-strung animals. You won’t find a harder-working fan!

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