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Improve your employees’ lives by creating a healthier work space. Read below to better understand common workplace issues that can be alleviated with better air movement from Go Fan Yourself.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome is a term used to describe uncomfortable symptoms that appear to result from time spent in a particular building. These symptoms may be associated with a part of the building, or the entire structure. No specific illness is diagnosed, and no specific cause can be determined. (This is because as soon as a cause is identified, it gets labeled as something else, such as Legionnaires’ disease or mold.)

Sweating Slab Syndrome

Sweating slab syndrome is characterized by the regular formation of condensation on a concrete floor. Slick concrete floors in industrial facilities or similar buildings can lead to serious injuries due to employees slipping — and profits could subsequently slip as well if the problem persists. Forklifts and water puddles don’t mix, either. Forklifts are meant to run between racks, not run into wrecks.