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Fan Wars: Another Reason To Install Large Diameter Fans


“I couldn’t believe I was seeing what I was seeing - - two guys throwing punches in this outrageously hot warehouse over a portable floor fan!” said Bill Carlson, owner of Go Fan Yourself. “I was there surveying the facility for HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans, and this throw down seemed to illustrate pretty clearly that a change in climate was overdue. Talk about timing!”

Workplace Productivity - Beat the Heat

How well do you perform when the temperature is above 90 degrees?

If you’re like me, you start slowing down. Your reactions are slower, you move slower, you have a hard time concentrating and wait… what was I talking about again? All kidding aside, it’s just outright tough to perform and excel in sweltering conditions.

Beat Heat Stress with Go Fan Yourself

Heat is responsible for more deaths than tornadoes and hurricanes combined.

It’s true. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, heat is the No. 1 weather-related killer. It’s pretty shocking since heat stress can be 100 percent avoided. Let’s take a minute to review the four types of heat stress, so we can learn what symptoms to look out for before the unbearable heat of the summer starts setting in.