Outdoor venues such as amphitheaters, large festival tents and covered, open air patios are uniquely challenging places for temperature and humidity control. With no walls to contain the air, it’s almost impossible to substantially cool the area. Yet, the space still needs to be kept safe and comfortable for occupants.

Installing an outdoor industrial fan in such a location provides a cost-effective solution to outdoor temperature regulation and humidity challenges such as:

  • Keeping large crowds cool in an outdoor space
  • Reducing humidity levels in a crowded outdoor area
  • Avoiding accidents caused by condensation on concrete slabs

Go Fan Yourself commercial exterior ceiling fans are heavy-duty, industrial-quality fans designed with unique features to address these problems and more in your exterior space. They can be used alone or installed in tandem to meet the needs of outdoor venues of any size.

GFY Commercial Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Our outdoor heavy-duty commercial ceiling fans benefit open-air facilities in multiple ways:

  • Cooling breezes — Giant outdoor ceiling fans installed under a tent or canopy ceiling work wonders to keep crowds cool. They push massive volumes of air down and out, creating an evaporative cooling effect that helps patrons feel as much as 10 degrees cooler, for happier, more attentive crowds at your events.
  • Dry under the sky — Crowds and high humidity can be a challenging mix. The same evaporative breezes that cool your patrons also help them feel drier and keep your under-canopy air smelling and feeling fresh.
  • Safe slabs — Condensation occurs when moisture-laden air strikes a cooler surface. When that surface is a concrete slab, it can create a dangerous condition called sweating slab syndrome. HVLS commercial outdoor fans help to disperse moisture from the surface of a slab and evaporate it, preventing dangerous slippery conditions for people and equipment.
  • Quiet operation — In an amphitheater, festival or outdoor dining environment, a major part of the patron experience hinges on being able to hear and understand what’s going on. Buzzing, rattling and whirring sounds from conventional high-speed fans can seriously impair that experience — leading to poor reviews and decreased attendance. Our commercial exterior ceiling fans are designed to start and operate virtually noiselessly, so your patrons will notice the comfort, not the noise.

Why Choose Go Fan Yourself Commercial Outdoor Fans?

Our high-volume outdoor ceiling fans are engineered to move more air more effectively than any other HVLS fans on the market. For instance, our Z-Tech™ fan incorporates unique features such as an innovative stepped blade and a central hub pitched at 20 degrees to give it more cubic feet per minute of air-moving power than competing models. These features also eliminate the problem of dead air space under the center of the fan.

We’re here to help you solve your outdoor cooling and ventilation challenges. To request a quote or learn more about how our outdoor industrial fan solutions can keep your customers cool and improve safety in your outdoor facility, contact us online or call us at 847-648-4920.