Livestock ventilation systems are a crucial part of any livestock operation. Due to the amount of heat and moisture produced by cattle and other large animals, stagnant air can pose a serious problem. Moisture and gases such as ammonia can build up, causing health concerns for both the animals and those working with them.

Our HVLS fans are perfect for livestock ventilation and cooling. Unlike air conditioning (AC), our fans de-stratify the air by mixing cooler and warmer layers together to maintain an even, more comfortable temperature. HVLS fans are ideal for cattle barns, poultry houses, riding arenas and other facilities that shelter animals. Our energy-efficient design provides a lower-cost alternative to traditional cooling systems. The wide coverage area of HVLS fans combined with their low power consumption means you can cost-effectively cool even the largest spaces. Additionally, blade direction can be reversed to help keep spaces warmer during colder months.

When you’re running a livestock operation, you don’t want high maintenance fans. We’ve got you covered — our fans are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. In addition, better air circulation can reduce moisture and mold problems, trimming building maintenance costs.

Improve Herd Health

When it comes to keeping livestock healthy, environmental conditions are a major concern. Drafts, noise and sudden temperature changes stress animals, negatively affecting their health and productivity. Using HVLS livestock ventilation fans helps ensure that your animals have high quality air. Our fans move air evenly and efficiently without creating drafts like air conditioning does. Our Z-Tech™ fans can reduce the perceived air temperature by as much as 10 degrees. And they run quietly even on startup, decreasing noise-related stress for your livestock.

Excessive humidity also can contribute to a decline in herd health. Hot, humid air can cause heat stress and slippery floors. The evaporative cooling provided by HVLS fans dries up condensation and prevents heat stress.

Effective over a wide temperature range, Go Fan Yourself fans can be used to keep livestock stress-free and boost production by preventing sudden temperature changes. If it gets too hot for fans alone to handle, they can be combined with AC or a diffuser system for maximum cooling effect. The fans will distribute the cool air more efficiently, decreasing the number of AC units needed.

Why Choose Our Fans for Livestock?

Go Fan Yourself is dedicated to providing high-quality HVLS fans suitable for a variety of needs. Our fans are designed to solve major issues our customers noticed with competitive HVLS fans. Our Z-Tech™ fan blade provide even air distribution, covering up to 30 percent more area than conventional HVLS fans. Additionally, our fans are designed to run in reverse during winter months to redistribute warm air back down to where it is needed most. That means you can save on heating and cooling bills.

We know farmers and ranchers are busy and don’t have time to deal with constant maintenance. That’s why our cattle fans have a 20,000-hour inspection interval. And corrosion-resistant parts mean they rarely — if ever — need replacements.

Let Us Help With Ventilation

Go Fan Yourself livestock fans can help improve your herd health, reduce production costs and improve safety for a more profitable livestock operation. We’d love to help you find the right ventilation system for your facility. Contact us today for more information about our livestock cooling fans and installation services.