Circulate Airflow

Airflow is the measure of how much air flows through a space in a given period of time. Calculated in cubic feet per minute (CFM), airflow can be generated naturally by wind or mechanically with a blower or fan.

Why Worry About Airflow?

Having proper airflow (or air circulation) in your commercial or industrial building is just as important as maintaining a comfortable temperature or providing enough light. Without adequate ventilation, interior air can stagnate and become unhealthy to breathe as it accumulates substances such as chemical off-gassing, fumes, dust and other particulate — even pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and viruses. In addition, when humidity rises, airflow is needed to help excess moisture evaporate.

Stale, stagnant air can make your building an unhealthy, displeasing and unwelcoming place for customers and employees. In a facility that lacks adequate airflow, poor air quality and excess moisture can lead to unpleasant odor build-up, health and productivity issues for your employees (sick building syndrome, for example), and moisture issues such as sweating slab syndrome. Plus, still air tends to stratify in large facilities, making them difficult and costly to heat and cool.

Improve Air Circulation in Your Facility With HVLS Fans

Go Fan Yourself air circulation fans are an economical and cost-effective way to improve airflow in commercial and industrial facilities. We have fans suitable for nearly every industry, including:

  • Agricultural — HVLS fans were invented to keep cows cool. Now, they’re used for all sorts of agricultural applications, including barns, horse stables and riding areas, poultry houses, processing facilities, warehouses and milking parlors.
  • Automotive — An air circulation fan in your repair center or dealership is a cost-effective way to keep unhealthy and objectionable fumes out of the faces of your customers and employees. Read more.
  • Aviation — Airplane hangars are notorious for uneven heat distribution and high heating/cooling costs. HVLS fans improve air circulation in hangars for greater efficiency and worker comfort.
  • Commercial — From convention centers, churches to breweries, and more, we have HVLS fan solutions that look just as good as they are effective. Read more.
  • Government — An HVLS ventilation fan is the ideal candidate for solving air flow issues in government facilities, helping keep budgets lean and sustainability goals met.
  • Manufacturing — HVLS fans are a cost-effective way to address problematic air circulation and HVAC issues in manufacturing facilities, including high humidity levels, air quality issues and excessive energy costs.
  • Recreational — Whether you run or manage a gym, concert hall, sports arena or any other recreational facility, a Go Fan Yourself fan will quietly keep performers and spectators focused on enjoyment, not airflow annoyances.
  • Warehouses — Use HVLS warehouse ventilation fans to improve warehouse airflow, de-stratify, reverse moisture issues and cut costs in your facility.

With industrial and commercial fan solutions ranging in size from 7 feet to 24 feet in diameter, we’ve got you covered when it comes to air circulation. No matter what type of facility you operate, there is an HVLS fan that will help keep your facility fresh and comfortable, your costs low, and your employees and customers smiling.

How to Get Started

To speak directly with a member of our staff about how to improve air circulation in your facility, or to find out which model of air circulation fan would work best for you, contact us here, or call us at 844-874-3833.