Our Story

Our Story

Go Fan Yourself® was established in 2014 to address the shortcomings of conventional HVLS fans in the industry. To truly be different and be cool, we needed to design and manufacture our own products. This allowed GFY® to be proactive at the highest level and create solutions for inherent gaps in conventional HVLS fan design that our customers had brought to our attention.

Four major problem and opportunity areas surfaced that our revolutionary Z Tech™ technology addresses.

Challenge #1: Limited Coverage of Conventional HVLS Fans

The predicted and limited air flow coverage of conventional HVLS fans.

  • Conventional HVLS fans (spanning 6-24’ typically) are designed around an air foil concept, much like an airplane wing. The concept is to push air down. This enables air movement, which can have a measurable impact on air quality in a given space, however, coverage is limited and conventional HVLS fans do not provide even air distribution.
  • Company’s capital expenditures are often limited to the number of fans that are purchased and installed - thus leaving workers in other areas on a warehouse or manufacturing floor uncomfortable (either too hot or too chilly from a conventional HVLS fan) and therefore less productive.


The Z-Chill™ system is a breakthrough, patented system designed to effectively spot cool the unconditioned space within a facility by distributing tempered air and provide companies an economical tempered cooling solution to keep business operating at their highest level.