Go Fan Yourself® provides through patent-pending design, a superior fan performance delivering optimum people comfort, safety, and productivity while enabling energy, material, and labor cost avoidance resulting in lowest total cost of ownership.

We offer the most comprehensive solutions to the (5) BIG Problems in the outdated HVLS industry
• Our HVLD fans are heating-capable – TRUE reversibility
• Our HVLD fans have the largest coverage area in the market
• Our HVLD fans have no air flow “dead zone”
• Our HVLD fans are not counter-productive
• Our patented Z-Chill™ system economically delivers
supercharged HVAC when it is above 90˚

Go Fan Yourself® Z-Tech™ Technology = Fluid Dynamics Patented Design: Our Leading Edge Is A Notch Above The Rest

•Conventional profile airfoils, which many competitors use, actually increase frictional drag, which decreases air displacement
• GFY’s® patented, stepped, symmetrical blade creates venting, which creates air displacement, which decreases frictional air resistance and drag, which enables a significant increase in thrust and air movement = greater coverage and reversibility