Z-Tech3™ FAN

Z-Tech3™ FAN

Is the air quality in your workplace making your employees uncomfortable? Don’t sweat it! The new Z-Tech3™ industrial high-volume, low-speed fan will help them keep their cool — while helping you keep your budget under control.

What is the Z-Tech3™ Fan?

If you want to cool a medium-sized or big space, then you need a big-deal fan, and our Z-Tech3™ fans are BIG! They come in five sizes, ranging from 8 feet to 24 feet in diameter. And these fans are not just big in size — they deliver big cooling without busting your budget big league!

The Z-Tech3™ is a simpler, more economical version of the Z-Tech™ fan. Are you on a tight budget? Will a 12-year motor warranty suffice? If so, then this product will make a fan out of you! This fan’s three 20-degree pitched blades with unique stepped design deliver ample air movement to efficiently — and cost-effectively — cool a large industrial area.

Cost-Effective Cooling for Many Applications

The Z-Tech3™ fan is ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications that require an energy-efficient air-movement solution, including:

Basically, any indoor space with a minimum 14-foot ceiling height can benefit from the comfort offered by the Z-Tech3™ fan.

Features and Benefits

  • Patent-pending Z-Tech® stepped blade design and 20˚-plus blade pitch maximize airflow
  • Extruded anodized aluminum blade with ABS leading edge and end caps with UV inhibitors
  • Up to 329,800 CFM output
  • Low power consumption (2 amps)
  • Baldor/Dodge motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Lifetime warranty on blades, hub and mounting system
  • 12-year warranty on motor, gearbox and controller

State-of-the- Art ABB Controller

  • Premium control with hardware flexibility, programmability and scalability
  • Highly customizable programming
  • Runs up to 26 fans from a single keypad
  • Install up to 200 feet from fan; disconnect per NECA code within eyesight
  • ABB variable frequency drive — NEMA 4X, IP66
  • Deepest heat sink in the industry extends the life of drive and controller
  • Capable of linking to building automation systems
  • Ethernet compatible with expansion module


At Go Fan Yourself®, your safety is paramount. That’s why we designed the Z-Tech3™ fan with these components:

  • Safety ring: ¼" powder coated steel
  • Four safety cables: 5/16" stainless steel aircraft cable
  • Guide wires: 1/8" stainless steel aircraft cable


The Z-Tech3® fan meets all applicable OSHA, ASHRAE and UL regulations.

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