Once you’ve experienced our revolutionary ReCircuLite™, you’ll never again buy an LED light without a fan! After all, you wouldn’t buy a water faucet without both hot and cold water dispensers, would you?

What is Recirculite™?

This product is a combination LED light fixture and recirculation fans all in one. Is your room stuffy? Don’t sweat it — the ReCircuLite™ is designed to make even oppressive rooms more comfortable, while providing a reliable, quality light source. ReCircuLite™ is ideal for improving airflow without requiring a separate fan.

Air Movement and Efficiency Benefits

  • Helps reduce the hot and cold spots within offices, retail spaces and anywhere you have a drop ceiling
  • Improves poor airflow and ventilation that contribute to “sick building syndrome”
  • Helps to reduce the condensation/moisture that can produce mold
  • Does not require connection to any existing HVAC system
  • Uses the same power supply and is the same size as existing troffer lighting
  • Provides a high-quality LED lighting solution
  • Extends the life of LED components through innovative thermal management characteristics

High-quality Variable-Speed Axial Fans

  • Five, 4" fans per lighting fixture
  • Airflow: 750 CFM at 5400 RPM
  • Long lasting: 100,000-hour life at 35 C
  • Quiet operation: 30 +/- dB

High-Quality Fully Dimmable Led Lighting

  • Select 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 fixture
  • Wide range of LED wattage/lumen options to meet your lighting needs

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